10 habits to help you lose weight faster

illume - Science has proven, when you laugh, the abdominal muscles will have to act like when you practice abdominal crunches, thereby, effectively supporting weight loss.


Drink water before eating

Drinking enough water is a simple way to help your body not mistake the signals of hunger and thirst. Sometimes, you feel hungry, not because you are not eating enough, but because your body is dehydrated. Establishing a habit of drinking a glass or two before each meal will fill your stomach, helping you eat less. In addition, water also helps neutralize the amount of sugar in food, limiting the effect of sugar on the body.

10 habits to help you lose weight faster
Drinking a glass of water before eating can help reduce your feeling of fullness quickly.

Eat healthy fats

Healthy fats are great for your health and weight. They support metabolism, promote more efficient fat loss. Add eggs, salmon, nuts, olive oil, chili or green tea to your daily diet to make weight loss easier.

Eat your favorite food for breakfast

Forcing yourself on a miserable diet will put you under stress and produce hormones that are not good for your body. Pamper yourself with a small portion for breakfast to give your body time to burn off those foods.

Eat with a small plate

Science has proven that the use of small bowls and plates will help limit overeating compared to the actual needs of the body. In addition, you can use your non-dominant hand while eating to help slow down your food, so you will feel fuller faster.

Enjoy your meal

Taking the time to enjoy your meal will help you control the amount of food better, and at the same time, your energy metabolism will also be more favorable. Avoid walking while eating or watching TV, checking email or gossiping on the phone. Not focusing on meals can easily cause you to lose control.

Brush your teeth after each meal

10 habits to help you lose weight faster
Brushing your teeth after each meal also makes it easier to lose weight.

Brush your teeth after each meal as an implicit signal to your brain that the meal is over. Not to mention, the toothpaste contains menthol, the substance that makes the dishes no longer feel delicious.

Reduce bedroom temperature

Research by the National Institutes of Health shows that regularly sleeping in a space around 19 degrees will help you lose weight. When the temperature is low, the body uses more energy to stay warm.

Sleep more

Research has shown, every hour of sleep, the body will burn between 50 and 100 calories. Not to mention, a quality sleep will help your metabolism go more smoothly. More sleep also helps you reduce appetite, thereby, losing weight more easily.

Use a warm compress

Using a warm pack or a mixture of roasted seed salt and ginger to be applied around your abdomen is an effective way to reduce excess belly fat. You can use a warm pack at night while reading or watching TV to increase the effectiveness of weight loss.

Laugh more

According to research by the International Journal of Obesity, laughing helps release 20% more energy than normal. Also, when you smile, the abdominal muscles will work the equivalent of a crunch.

10 habits to help you lose weight faster
Laugh more to increase the effectiveness of weight loss.