Chambord Castle through the lens of creative director Hedi Slimane

illume - For a unique image in her Fall Winter 2021 collection, Celine chose Renaissance towers at a French castle named Chambord.


For this collection, Hedi Slimane blew a contemporary breath into medieval knight’s signature designs. In last season’s collection films, the French luxury fashion brand has touched the colorful scene of sports stadiums and racetracks, in the south of France and Monaco.

Chambord Castle through the lens of creative director Hedi Slimane
Chambord Castle with Renaissance architecture with 440 rooms designed by architect Domenico da Cortona

But in the fall, Celine’s models appeared on horseback, raising “Celine” flags and galloping like heroic knights, to protect Chambord Castle in the French Loire valley.

Chamnord Castle was designed as a resting place for the hunting of King Francois I

Italian architect Domenico da Cortona is said to have designed this majestic Renaissance castle that houses 440 rooms and 84 stairs and a facade with 800 asymmetrical columns, built like a wonder of imagine. For Celine’s Fall Winter 2021 showdown, models stride between the outdoor aisles and fortress towers, wearing sports vests as a kind of armor of modern times – ragged denim vests with multiple layers with leather jacket, sports shirt with a hat, a frilly collars shirt and a large chain collar.

Chambord Castle has 84 stairs and a grand promenade with 800 splendid asymmetrical columns

Originally designed as a hunting lodge for King François I, Chambord Castle boasts a double spiral staircase, with designs attributed to the talented painter Leonardo da Vinci. The staircase’s two spiral lines are uniquely designed to never meet, and go up the castle’s three floors, meaning two people can climb each staircase without ever being able to meet each other.

While the architectural origins of Chambord Castle have yet to be confirmed, designer Slimane’s rebellious, rocker-centric style based on the rules of chivalry, is clearly marked. Very interesting impression for the collection of Celine Fall Winter 2021.