Miss Ann Vo was beautiful in Ao Dai at the New Year Party Night

illume - Joining Golden SEA Corporation event on the new year occasion, Miss Ann Vo made great impression with her beautiful appearance, confident manner and charm in Vietnam's traditional Ao Dai.

Miss Ann Vo at the last event

Ann Vo was crowned Miss at the Golden World Beauty Pageant 2019 contest. Since then, she has been one of the beauties loved by the public because of her continuous efforts and successes in the role of the beauty representatives.

Ann Vo is a Vietnamese student studying at a university in Southern California. Before joining Golden World Beauty Pageant 2019 she won the title of Inter-school Miss in a major program for students in California.

Ann Vo shared her delight with the media outlets at the event

The beauty is impressed by her lovely face, good body and a radiant smile. Besides, she is also highly appreciated for her academic achievements and contributions to the community.

After being crowned, she has the opportunity to participate in more and more cultural and artistic events. the special thing about Ann Vo is her great love for her homeland of Vietnam, her aspiration to  promote the traditional culture  to people across the five continents. That is also the reason why she prefer to wear traditional ao dai at any events.

Ann Vo took a souvenir photo with CEO Lam Hoang My and Mr Quarter Dinh

From left to right: Miss Ann Vo, CEO Lam Hoang My, Miss Annie K Nguyen, the CFO of Golden Sea Corporation and Miss Ninh Nguyen

Recently, in the very first days of the new year, Miss Ann Vo had the opportunity to attend the event to congratulate Golden SEA Corporation on the signing of cooperation with Lamai. This is a contract to build a factory to manufacture and supply medical products to the government, helping to support the protection to push back  the covid-19 pandemic, and to help communities across the United States.

Coming quite early to the event, Miss Ann Vo was elegant and luxurious in the new styled Ao dai of designer Jacky Tai. She is also appreciated for her friendly and  smart communication.

Ann Vo with businessman Tram Huong Nguyen

She also sent greetings to the leaders of the two businesses and at the same time wished everyone a peaceful and prosperous New Year.