The Queen of England personally made a decision to “remove” the Sussex couple from the family

illume - This is a decision after the "1 year trial" agreement ends and the Sussex couple does not seem to have any intention of returning.


Information about the British Royal Family’s recent decisions regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sessex is currently the focus of attention for royal fans.

According to Mirror, after exactly one year of making the decision to leave the family of Meghan Markle and Harry, the Queen of England has recently officially stripped the couple’s Buckingham Palace positions. Specifically, Harry was stripped of a number of positions including General of the Royal Marines.

Meghan Markle will also have to give up her role as a sponsor of the National Theater – while Harry could lose sponsorship of the Rugby Rugby and Rugby Football Confederation, The Times reported. It also said that Harry is also the honorary air force commander, RAF Honington, Commander-in-Chief Aviation, Small Ships and Diving under the Royal Naval Command.

The Queen of England personally made a decision to "remove" the Sussex couple from the family
Harry and his wife announced the decision to leave the British Royal in early 2020, making the world public extremely shocked

All of these titles were given by Queen Elizabeth II to Harry’s nephew. And in the coming week, the stripping notice is expected to be made public. This is the end of a “1 year trial” agreement between Harry and the Royal Family. As can be seen, they almost certainly have no intention of “turning around” after a series of moves that caused many storms last year.

According to many close sources, Prince Harry will certainly receive this information in a unhappy manner despite being able to predict it all. Until now, the career of serving the royal army has always been pride and is the most important thing for Prince Harry. “I am sure these will cause a lot of pain for the Prince. He is probably very uncomfortable to be in this position, but they have made their choices,” many experts commented.