Tommy Hilfiger unites the global community through the social campaign “Moving Forward together” Spring 2021

illume - In March 2021, Tommy Hilfiger announced the Spring 2021 campaign titled 'Moving Forward Together' to build a better future. The campaign is led by a wide range of activists and advocates, all striving for a sustainable society “Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All”.


Through the campaign, influencers share their stories and inspire the community’s journey to create a brighter future.

Tommy Hilfiger unites the global community through the social campaign "Moving Forward together" Spring 2021
Actor, model and social activist Indya Moore.
Tommy Hilfiger unites the global community through the social campaign "Moving Forward together" Spring 2021

Mr. Tommy Hilfiger shared: “As we stand at one of the key moments in history, we must move forward together to build a better future for generations to come. I am proud that Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2021 collection is represented by talented and promising people to deliver this message. Throughout the campaign and beyond, I believe they will inspire fans to drive meaningful and lasting change. ”

Tom Grennan
Tom Grennan
Compton Cowboys

The TOMMY HILFIGER Spring 2021 campaign captures the impressive moments of influencers with their favorite style in places where they feel comfortable and familiar like home from the beach to the recording studio. This variety of playgrounds demonstrates how to make a difference in every setting and community.

Kiddy Smile
Kiddy Smile

The campaign was filmed at global locations including Los Angeles, New Jersey, London, Paris, Berlin and Hainan Island by local photographers Clara Balzary, Joshua Woods, Jana Gerberding, Ken Ngang and Tom Johnson. Models participating in the campaign include:

  • Indya Moore (USA): Actor, model and social activist, tried to assert himself before making his name on the legendary dance floor of New York.
  • Compton Cowboys (USA): An active social community through equestrian culture founded by activists Randy Savvy, Stoner Mane and Kee, combats negative stereotypes and brings negative effects to children in LA.
  • Jameela Jamil (UK): Actor, radio host, model, writer and activist with the concept of loving the body, who founded the program “I Weigh” as a safe space and inclusion for all women.
  • Kiddy Smile (France): DJs, singers, musicians, performers and activists help the next generation understand and capture themselves through dance.
  • Mogli (Germany): Singer-songwriter, filmmaker, designer and activist advocates for a kind way of life towards all people and the planet.
  • Tom Grennan (UK): Singer-songwriter contributes to his community through small mental health activities.
  • Monica Guo (China): Founding member of the National Surfing Team of China, who is overcoming prejudice and creating opportunities for juniors to follow with her surfing school for girls.
Jameela Jamil

The TOMMY HILFIGER Spring 2021 Collection uses more sustainable manufacturing techniques and materials. Materials include EcoVero viscose fabric; recycled polyester; Lyocell fabric; organic cotton; and finishing with the plant-derived BioCool technology continues to build the brand’s ambitious sustainability mission.